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Even though this WP has no direct impact on the project objectives, it supports the assessment of its outcomes. From this point of view, the success of this WP can be considered as critical.

Description of work

This work package will carry out three basic tasks:

P05.01 Elaborate draft conclusion report. Based on the results obtained from WP4 but not limited to, and the in deep objectives defined through the project life, it will be analysed the coverage of such objectives. This analysis of results will be based on the following pillar:

  • Analysis of quantitative data measured within the activities of WP4. Statistics of data will support the extraction of conclusions and recommendations relevant for further developments in this area.
  • Qualitative findings from the workshops carried out along the project. Definition of the level of significance and quality of the results.

P05.02 Formal review by the Project Management Support Team.

P05.03 Elaborate the final version of the conclusion report. This final document will gather the conclusions and recommendations coming from the project results and agreed by all project partners. The main outputs of this task can be summarised in the following bullets:

  • Lessons learnt about the mathematical techniques used, the method designed to make probabilistic traffic predictions and the procedure to model it.
  • Recommendations for critical decisions to integrate trajectory uncertainty in traffic prediction tools based on the benefits accounted.


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