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Consortium Rationale

Strong Technical expertise in the fields of trajectory management and uncertainty modelling.

Imagen1 Technical excellence on trajectory management is brought by BR&T-E. Specifically, BR&T-E brings its expertise on technology development projects in the following areas: 1) Trajectory modelling, description and synchronization, 2) Trajectory prediction and optimization, 3) Trajectory de-confliction, 4) Aircraft performance modelling, 5) System-Wide Information Management (SWIM), specifically SWIM-enabled trajectory management and SWIM interoperability, 6) ATM performance assessment, and 7) Big data techniques applied to ATM.
Technical excellence on uncertainty modelling is brought by two Universities: UCL and ITU. UCL will provide expertise on the areas of optimization, robust control and big data tools. ITU will bring its expertise on data-driven ATM network modelling, developing decision-making algorithms and trajectory optimization. BarajasT400046

Strong Operational expertise in trajectory based operations

IMG_0369 Focusing on the application to Network management. Key to the success of the project is the application of the proposed methods and solutions to the Air Traffic Management system. This application will be eased through the operational experience brought to the project by both EUROCONTROL and CRIDA. EUROCONTROL has experience of ATC planning and making use of traffic predictions, operating Europe’s Network Manager (previously known as the Central Flow Management Unit). In the context of SESAR OFA05.03.04, both EUROCONTROL and CRIDA are developing prototype tools for DCB in an interactive manner with users and industry experts. This experience and these methods can be applied in COPTRA to ensure the work is rooted in operational reality.


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